DIAMOND - Silicate Pearlescent Pigments DIAMOND - Silicate Pearlescent Pigments

Our glass based pearlescent pigments, offered under the Diamond brand, deliver exceptionally dramatic optical effects, including significant depth, sparkle and very intense spectral colors. Our Diamond Pigments achieve exceptionally high levels of chromaticity, color purity, brightness, transparency and reflectivity. At a relatively large particle size, but thinner and smoother surface than competitive Borosilicates, our Diamond pearls, offer formulators in color cosmetics industry, the ability to create a brilliant, star-like glitter. They also produce a true multicolor effect, when two or more Diamond shades are blended. Diamond Pigments also can add great visual depth and dimensionality, because their novel substrate has a high level of transparency. Same as our mica and synthetic mica pearlescent pigments, the Diamond Line comes in a wide range of colors and particle sizes: silver white, interference, golden colors, and color travel. Our collection of brilliant colors and highlights are ideal to augment and enhance your eye, nail or lip with a strong eye catching appeal.

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