FIESTA - Pearlescent Pigments FIESTA - Pearlescent Pigments

Impact Colors’ unique synthetic mica substrate is one of the most innovative technologies in the personal care industry. The company’s process of creating synthetic mica produces an impressive variety of optical effects. These pigments offer the cleanest and brightest color possibilities. With an extremely low heavy metal profile, our Fiesta Pigments are an expressive, cost-effective way to add eye-catching brilliance. These are clear and sparkly colors on a high performance synthetic mica substrate that offer the chemist new tools for totally new effects. The synthetic mica substrate imbues our Fiesta specialty pigments, with unique features that offer application and marketing benefits to manufacturers and formulators.


  • provide a very clean and bright effect
  • Alternative to expensive borosilicate pearl pigments
  • Extremely low in heavy metal profile
  • Surface treated synthetic pearls provide excellent pressability, long wear and durability
  • < 15 um very light and smooth finish, ideal for face formulations
  • 40 - 50 um ideal color payoff in eye and nail formulations
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